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Change is inevitable as our world grapples with the effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the way we work, play and learn will not remain the same. New industries have been created from the debris of the Pandemic. Work processes in almost all the relevant fields have been affected and remodeled. How we work has been disrupted and technology is at the center of this disruption.

Veloplus is helping her clients to automate manual and cumbersome business processes to enable their operations to become seamless and digitized.

Veloplus is also providing value for her client’s operations by making their operations data driven, AI-powered and cloud enabled. This makes work faster, safer thereby increasing revenue and reducing costs.



Technology has taken the center stage in both public and private organizations. With a lot of business managers latching on to the trend and buzzwords of digital transformation.
The business landscape is filled with a lot of technology and few industries leaders experience value from their technology investments.

This is where Veloplus comes in with the provision of impeccable Technology consulting solutions.

Veloplus Consulting practice assists organizations harness technology and innovations to refine their technology vision, execute their digital transformation projects and scale their business, creating dynamic sustainable value from their technology investments.



A good number of Technology projects fail because of poor project management methodologies and a complete ignorance of best practice where project management is concerned. As business managers demand return on investment (ROI) from their technology and infrastructure investments, it is critical that they turn to experienced project managers to manage their projects paying attention to time, cost and quality.

Veloplus provides project management expertise to various sectors of the economy. Veloplus helps organizations develop Project Implementation plans and also manage the deployment process.


As Technology startups emerge in the business ecosystem. The need to scale and grow an innovative business idea with a sound strategy and business model is one of the challenges of founders, venture capitalist, investors and bankers.

Veloplus provides business development consultancy services. We help organizations to create new product and service offerings and also help them develop strategies to extend existing ones.
We also identify and take advantage of market trends, that can help to scale the business of our clients.

Veloplus also help organizations to develop business strategies and business plans.