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5G Wireless Networks brings a lot of possibilities that will transform the way we work and play. Cloud Gaming, Autonomous Driving, Fixed Wireless Access and AR/VR are at the heart of Use Cases that will be layered on 5G Wireless Networks.

Radio Access Networks are constantly evolving and the need for Mobile Network Operators to reduce carbon footprints and control OPEX has led to more innovations in this sector. Innovative Technology Solutions Providers like Power light have come up with a laser-based Technology that converts electricity into high intensity light which is then captured and transformed to electricity at the Radio Base station.

Veloplus provides similar technologies in conjunction with her partners that enhances the speed and flexibility of network deployment in diverse environments. Veloplus has the technical competence and project management discipline to deliver Wireless Basestation Solutions cost effectively with fast turnaround time.
As the world becomes more of an ubiquitous society and global marketplace, the need for high-speed internet has become a necessity.
Post-Covid organizations are exploring creative ways for their staff to work from home and bring your own device (BXOD) has become a culture in most work organization.

FTTH (Fiber to the Home), FTTB (Fiber to the Business) are amongst the infrastructure layer that enables that possibility. Mobile Network Operations and Business Enterprises will need to invest in this infrastructure to guarantee new revenue streams for their organization.

Veloplus provides the expertise in Fiber Optic Infrastructure deployment for large turnkey projects.
Most mobile network operators have over the years focused on Urban and Semi-Urban areas in their Network Infrastructure Rollout Plans. However, with increased competition and the need to serve the local dwellers in remote locations, rural telephony is currently being explored.

Veloplus provides expertise in the deployment of some software and satellite solution to connect the rural communities to the mobile networks. Areas of our technical expertise includes the provision of satellite solution, solar systems thereby providing a more sustainable and cost-effective solution for the remotest of communities.
Smart cities use a variety of software, user interfaces and communication network alongside the Internet of Things (IoT) to deliver connected solution for the public.

Smart cities use information and communication technologies to improve operational efficiency, share information with the public and provide better quality of government service and citizen welfare. Smart city technology assists government in providing evidence-based governance. Technology that helps to mitigate against crime like IP surveillance camera system and technology that assists in the capturing of data for traffic management are some of the smart city technologies provided by Veloplus.
IoT has gained ascendancy in the conversations across mobile telecommunication operators globally. This is as a result of the growing importance of global connectivity. The need for reliable, efficient connectivity means a reliable and secure IoT platform is needed.

Veloplus provides the competence, know-how and professional insight for the integration of various IOT platforms from leading IOT platform equipment manufacturer. Veloplus designs customized software that integrates across IOT platforms.
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